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Reply to "Have the insides of the universal remote changed over time"

@Tony H posted:

I am wondering if the universal remote has changed over time.  I only ask since I have two remotes, bought a few years apart, and the newer one seems to have less issues with drops than the older one, on the same engines.  My layout is about 26x18.

Also the FCC ID# and IC# are different on the two.  This might not mean anything, but just curious.




I only have one Universal Remote, which I believe is the first model.  The FCC ID and IC information is the same the one you have pictured on the right.  The box (Item# 6-83071) says compatible with LionChief, LC+, and Bluetooth.  The included Owner's Manual is dated 11/16 and also mentions FlyerChief compatibility.

I've had no signal issues, always using it within about 15 feet from the locomotives.

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