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Reply to "Have you cut a magnet?"

I always run humidifiers to a drain, no reason at all to screw around with the bucket several times a day!   I currently have one that has the pump, but already the pump is getting noisy, something that I've heard is a major issue with most of these.  I'm going to have to figure out something more permanent for my dehumidifiers, it's getting old buying them all the time.

I got a real demonstration of the power of Neodymium magnets years ago at my brother's house.  He had some from wind generators, and he had a couple of them on the workbench.  They were a good six inches apart, and he bumped one of them and they suddenly felt a strong attraction.  Although they started out as cylindrical magnets over an inch around and about three inches long, there wasn't a piece larger than an inch long after the carnage!  There were sharp shards of magnet all over for quite a distance.  We both got several little cuts from flying magnet pieces, I'm glad I was wearing glasses!

My two got together on the bench from about 1 inch away, one dropped out of my hand and landed next to the other one.  One was pieces, the other one only had a corner knocked off.

I keep this one with the missing corner stuck to a parts cabinet on the workbench, it's great for magnetizing tools.  I use the Radio Shack VCR eraser to demagnetize them if I need to.


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