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Help needed!

Afternoon GRJ, and anyone else on the forum that may be able to shed some light on my problem.

After all the talk about circuit board failures in the MTH loco's, I finally went and got some TVS's that I was assured would be right for my application.

I installed one across the "wire nuts" of my MTH RailKing SD45 loco while the body was off (getting re-painted in the Norfolk Southern colours), and when I put the chassis on the track and fired it up, the horn started blasting continuously (even in neutral), and I couldn't get it to switch-off using the horn button on my transformer. I run this particular loco (and most of my other MTH loco's) in conventional mode using my Lionel RS1 transformer, as I don't have WIFI or any of those other remote things (I'm a dinosaur!!!).

When I remove the TVS, everything goes back to normal, and I can control all of the features again from the transformer.

What am I doing wrong.....have I been sold "a pup".... the wrong type of TVS?  The part number for the TVS's I purchased is:  SA24A+ TVS DIODE, 500W, 24V, UNIDIR, DO-204AC - Tariff No: CN 85411000.

I have added a couple of photos to help you see what I have.....hope this helps.

I dearly want to install a TVS to help protect the circuit board, but this just doesn't seem to be working for me.

Peter in sunny Queensland, Australia





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