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Reply to "Help needed!"

Just an update on the TVS saga.

Well I went back to the electronic's store (Jaycar) with the errant TVS'S, and was promptly told they did not have the Bi SA33CA+ in stock. Told them what had happened when I installed the SA24A+ TVS and they didn't seem to understand what I was going on about.

At this point I just gave-up (they are definitely not model train people) and asked them to refund me the original purchase (minus one TVS), and to order me the correct ones. They said they will have to place an order with Elemant14, their supplier in Sydney (1,000km away, and it may take a week or two to get them up here.

Good news, the correct TVS's have arrived, and I have fitted them to four of my MTH RailKing diesel loco's, with perfect results!!!!  Everything works on each loco, just as it should.

Thank you guys for all of your help. I have another four MTH loco's to go, and the full fleet will now be protected.

Just a quick aside:

How will I know if the TVS has done its job and protected the circuit board?

After a "spike" will the TVS be rendered useless, and in need of replacing?

How will I know if the TVS needs to be replaced.....does it get that "burnt component" appearance? sunny (well its finally raining!!!) Queensland, Australia

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