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Help Please - Glenn Snyder Shelves Install

Hi, So I decided today is a good day to hang my GS Shelves that I bought a few months ago.

I'm so frustrated with what I hoped would be a fun easy project.

I need to connect two pieces of shelving for both wall installations - one run is 12' the other is 8'. About  7 shelves per wall.

Am I the only one who can't figure out an easy way to spread the holes on the joiners provided? I have tried a punch and hammer only to get the joiner stuck on the punch and then break off when I tried to get it off the punch with a lockjaw plyers. Then I tried to put the punch in the little slit instead of the hole to try and open them up that way. Arggggghhhhh. 30 minutes later and I had to walk away.

Anyone tell me what the bleep I am doing wrong? 

While I'm here, might as well ask how great a distance between shelves is needed to place a post war GG1 with the pantagraphs up? What spacing do you use?

Paul - I really just needed something easy to accomplish - Licata20200418_14495620200418_14500320200418_145046


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