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Help with Layout Questions

Hello all. The Boss grudgingly handed over the last section of the basement to me. Right now, I have 2 tables that meet with a bridge. One table is 11'x7' and the other is 21'x3'. Boss is letting me take another 12'x14'. Of which, I will eventually join to the far end of the 21' table. Right now, I am using old school tubular Lionel 031 tracks. I am going to build my new table with Gargraves Track and Ross Switches. At some point, I am going to changed the ENTIRE layout to Gargraves. I have a few Questions.

What are the Outside diameter of the curves. I am talking OUTER EDGE OF RR TIE TO OUTER EDGE OF RR TIE for: 138", 128", 120", 113", 106", 96", 89" 72", 63", 54" and 42"?

If I go with the biggest possible curve and gradually get smaller as I move inward, can I step DOWN one curve size at a time? Or do I need to step down further?

I would obviously try to CENTER all the curves at their center points, But how close to the straights have to be, to enable room for Ross Switches?

To power the tracks, Should I use the terminal piece of track? Or the PIN TYPE with the wire on it?

Right now, I can walk around the 11x7 table and reach any spot. On the 21x3, one side is against the wall and I can reach over and work on anything. 12x14 will obviously be too big to reach in. How far is is all of your reach? I am thinking that I need to cut some holes on the middle of the table for access. One side of the 14' will be against the wall. How big should the openings be. I am thinking 2-2x2 holes. One each 3' on the center. So, on a 12x14, I would not have to reach more than 3.5'. Which I do now on my 11x7. Thoughts?

Any other ideas would be great. Thanks


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