Help with Upgrading K-Line Passenger Cars ... LED + Seats & Passengers

A year ago I bought a K-4880B Pennsylvania Brunswick Ltd 15" Heavyweight 4-PAC.  The set is illustrated here --;p_oem_sku=K-4880B

I like it and enjoy it, but it does use a good bit of amps and there is no interior seating/passengers ... the 4-car set uses silhouettes on all of the side windows. 

Now considering upgrading to LED lighting and adding passenger seating and passengers.  Don't want to spend a lot of $$ nor spend a lot of time on modifying four cars.  Would like OGR forum member experiences/recommendations.  I am aware of GRJs LED lighting mod available via Hennings Trains.  I have also found a couple of web sites advertising ready-to-go passenger seating inserts, but don't know if they'd fit my cars.  I am attaching couple of photos of the interior of one of my passenger cars to help with your considerations for modifying my cars. 

Note that there is a 2-wire connector on the floor of the car that electrically connects the front and rear trucks.  That is likely in the way of a ready-to-go passenger seating insert. 

Edit:  Just noted a thorough 2019 OGR post that documents modifying K-Line passenger cars ...  Very good work.  However, if possible, I'm looking for a ready-to-go insert that just fits into my available floor space.  Don't know if I have the patience to do the detailed work demonstrated in the above OGR forum link ... for 4 plain-Jane passenger cars. 





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