Reply to "Holy Smokes It's A Smokin' Diesel"

Now IMO this MTH Proto 3 smoking diesel is terrific in every way, except for one thing: it rarely smokes.

I'm still very satisfied with this locomotive because IMO it's a very good runner and puller with great diesel sounds and a great appearance. 

 It was part of an MTH set that I bought new from a LHS several years ago. The only time it smoked well was when the technician at the LHS flooded it with smoke fluid shortly after I bought it.

I've always thought it was better to add just a few drops of smoke fluid to a locomotive, not flood it with smoke fluid.

Today, I first added 4 drops of fluid and got no smoke. Then I added a lot of fluid, maybe one-third of an eye dropper, and still no smoke. 

Anyone have any ideas? Arnold

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