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First off, I don't have any of these atlas controllers so these instructions are based off web research. You will also want to use a meter to test this before hooking it up.  

I found this great diagram that someone else made and this should get you most of the way there; however, there are three items you need to follow to make this work 

1- your 12V power supply must be correctly phased with your track power supply. 

2- the blue wire shown in this diagram will connect to the "fixed voltage plug" in the side of your 022 switch and there will not be any connection to the middle of the three posts on the 022. 

3-the black wire in the diagram must be connected to the common terminal of your 12V power supply which must also be connected to your track outside rail (this is where having properly phased power supplies is necessary). the red wire must be connected to the transformer terminal for 12V. If using a ZW the black would be "U" or common and the  red would be The corresponding A, B, C, or D post.

Make sure track power is turned to 0V but the transformer on. With your meter set to AC volts, measure from the fixed voltage plug to one of the outer posts, you should see 12V when you activate the atlas push button (try the push button in either mode if doesn't work the first time) If you get this far and so far you things seem to work, then turn up the track power and repeat this test to ensure you still get only 12V. If this also passes, you should be all set  



I'm using a ZW-c  with Lionel Digital Volt/Amp meter display and both TMCC & DCS.  I'm using post A for the Mainline & post D for the Shortline.  I'm using post C for switch power set at 12 volts (can get to 18v if necessary). So far everything is phased correctly.  I do have a digital meter to do the final checks.

Thanks for your efforts in finding the diagram as well as the step by step instructions.

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