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Reply to "How does a layout work with two (2) TIUs, Wifi, and TMCC?"

Thanks. Yes, I was happy to finish the benchwork right before the weather started turning nice, so I haven't done anything since then. Looking forward to laying track.

Two U-shaped mainlines connected by switches, each totaling about 75-80' of track.  Outer loop has 54" and 72" curves and inner as 42" and 54". Using good ol' O27 tubular track. Throw in a yard inside the inner loop with 3-4 sidings at 10-12' length. Then an elevated level NOT connected to those with at least one, maybe two (still working on that) which would be about 40' of track. 

I plan to run two trains per mainline on the main level, one train per loop on the elevated.

I was originally planning to dedicate the TIU to the main level and leave the elevated tracks to conventional and TMCC but now I'm thinking about running DCS on the elevated level. For me, I THINK that might mean another TIU.

My challenge, self-imposed, is that I'm unwilling to replace my old PW transformers. Several have suggested I invest in a new ZW with 180W tricks or Z4000, but my PW transformers (a lot of other items) are family heirlooms from my father and grandfather. I know it's impractical, but it's a personal thing. I have all the additional fast-blow fuses and TVSs to protect the electronics using the PW transformers, but I realize using the PW transformers limits me to 100-125W per TIU channel and I'm not confident that I could run two trains on 75-80' of track using, say, an LW or TW transformer.

I THINK I can make that work on the lower level using two TIU channels for the outer loop and two for the inner loop and yard. Of course, the conventionals could only run on the loop with the variable outputs.

With all that considered, I THINK I'd need a second TIU for the elevated level, but if that means a 2nd WIU, too, this is getting a bit pricey.  


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