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Reply to "How does a layout work with two (2) TIUs, Wifi, and TMCC?"

@RJR posted:

Do not connect transformers in parallel for a single circuit.  When phased, the hots of each are to feed separately insulated blocks.  You can have an RW or LW feed a single channel, and that should be adequate for whatever you will practically be running.  Before my parents gave me a ZW in late 1940s, I had a single type R, 100 watts rating, running two locos, 2 022 switches, and a #97 coal elevator.  I don't recommend emulation.

Agreed. Definitely haven't done that pre-DCS nor plan to with a TIU in between the transformers and tracks.

Ultimately, assuming I keep my existing transformers, my options appear to be:

1. Power each of my 4 mainlines (main level outer, main level inner plus yard, elevated outer, elevated inner) with a separate transformer running each through a separate TIU channel.  I'd use the variable outputs for where I want to run conventional.  Likely use 2 LWs and 2 RWs.  The question there is whether a single LW could handle two trains.  Guess all I can do is try.

If that fails, i can

2a.  Power 1/2 of each main level mainline with a separate transformer and TIU channel. Then I'd need a second TIU (4 channels for 2 main level mainlines and 1 channel each for each elevated since I only intend to run one train on the elevateds).


2b. Get the 180W powerhouses to increase the output to accommodate two trains on a mainline.

Sound about right?

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