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Reply to "How is the Menard's track working out?"

Manny, Menards track has been out for several years.  I built my current layout using it and Lionel UCS/RCS sections and Lionel and K-Line switches. I have had no problems, works fine.  I did have some shipped to me.  One thing that can be a bit surprising, the O-36 curve sections are longer than the O-42. Not a problem in any way, when I opened the box of O-36 I just thought I'd gotten the wrong thing since they were long.

0-42 on the bottom, O-36 on top.  Sides painted, ties added.


Track ballasted

under bridge

Wab Mixed

I'm quite happy with it, will likely use it on my next layout.


Images (3)
  • 42v36
  • under bridge
  • Wab Mixed
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