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Reply to "How many have taken a Machine Shop class?"

@Jon G posted:

1. What gets me is if you look in the 1950's popular science mag, it seemed like everyone had an Atlas metal lathe in their basement.  

2. Today, most people can't change the tire on their car let alone know how to turn a lathe on.

1. Was thinking about that just yesterday, because this arrived in the mail:


1941 edition. Reading about "Polydrives", etc got me to thinking about how mechanically minded the average modeler had to be back in the day. When I first got into the hobby (1970) there was still a lot of kit building, kit-bashing going on. Guess that's why I find posts by the likes of "harmonyards" and "bob2" so interesting.

2:  Why, you buy it dinner and tell it what it wants to hear, of course!  

Mark in Oregon


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