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Reply to "How many have taken a Machine Shop class?"

Hi from Michigan: I am a retired shop teacher, I spent 36 years teaching Graphic Arts, Vocational Printing Trades, Photography along with extra duties like  Drivers Education, & Yearbook Advisor. Across the hall was the Metal Shop, in that room they taught metal working with all the hand tools up to all kinds of large machines. They had seven welding booths, sheet metal tools along with a very nice foundry for doing sand castings.

I started teaching shop in the fall of 1974. We had seven full time shop teachers. (Industrial Education)

Auto Shop

Construction • Built A House

Drafting, Mechanical & Architectural 

Graphic Arts

Small Engines • Marine & Lawn

Metal Shop

Wood Shop

In the late 90’s Industrial Education had to deal with new state guidelines called: Core Curriculum. This put a strong emphasis on the college prep program for all Michigan Students.  Needles to say the students had no room in the school day for elective classes and this put Industrial Education out of business.

This is the book that was used by the Metals Teacher.


I also took shop classes in High School. Mr. Pasternak and Mr. Mathers were my high school shop teachers and they got me started at Central Michigan University to become a Michigan Shop Teacher.

I would not want to be a high school student today. 

Hope this helps: Gary 🚂


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