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Reply to "How To: ERR Cruise Commander With Tethered Bridge for 4-Motor Operation"

@Lou N posted:

Hi John,

My experience was the exact opposite.  The application was high power IR diode lasers for a medical product.  My choices for heat sinks were:  copper base with graphite fins, all aluminum heat sink, and aluminum base with copper fins. The aluminum base with copper fins was the best choice [for this application].  Please note that the heat sink grease was silver filled and a high speed ducted fan cooled the fins.  Lasers have the nasty habit of thermal runaway when they reach 80~85C.  At a grand a copy I had to get it right.

If you have an interest in copper heat sinks just Google:  Cool Innovations Thermal Systems.

To circle back to the original intent of the question:  yes small heat sinks will help and they can be attached using at least two different ways mentioned in this thread.

Lou N

Lou,  I think your experience leads me to the conclusion that I was not taxing either the copper or the aluminum sink to the point that it mattered.  Which may be the case in most of our toy train exploits.  I do have some experience using liquid cooling with a copper radiator on a gaming computer I built several years ago.  My nephew returned the box when it became obsolete for gaming and I am using it for streaming 4k video now.  Think I used Thermal Grizzly compound on the processor.  That box always runs cool.  "Cool Innovations" Them some really purdy copper sinks.   Always amazes me how beautiful technology can be.            j

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