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Reply to "How To: ERR Cruise Commander With Tethered Bridge for 4-Motor Operation"

@Ron_S posted:

@Norton  Pete, I have a bunch of projects under way so I will finish upgrading a friends camelback and a set of B units with sound have on a back burner until hear your results.

Thanks, Ron

Ron, had a chance to run my K-Line UP ABAs today pulling 21 cars half scale milk cars, half MTH 18” heavyweights. We determined with the lighted passenger cars plus engine roof fans and lights in the engines the quiescent current was 2.6 amps. Running the engine, the Z4000 was reading about 6 amps +/- .5 amps. When the train had completed a 180 degree turn on 112” diameter track the 5 amp fuse blew. The fuse is only in the motor line, not track power to the boards.  Not sure if it was a momentary increase in the load or something else. I didn’t get a chance to investigate further but may have more time in few weeks when we are not doing a show.
Anyway, the jury is out. I won’t be able to determine if the Cruise M is still OK for a few more days.

Pretty sure a Cruise Commander driving 4 motors may be OK, not sure about a Cruise M driving 6 motors.


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