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Reply to "How-To guide on making a “Pacific” series sleeping car (Finished?)"

Hi @Pingman, here's the answer about the grab bars on the side of the shell.  I started off by measuring a factory steel grab bar off another K-Line passenger car and it was 0.0325"  

Grab bar 0.0325 K-Line


Since I did not have any extra 0.0325 brass rods sitting around my house. I found a creative substitute in the same size needed made from steel.  That small paper clip even has a polished finish.

Grab bar 0.0325 paper clip


The factory grab bar inside opening measurement from K-Line was 3/8".  So I made my own 3/8" bends over basswood.  That steel paper clip really put up a fight on this part and it would have been much easier bending brass rods. 

grab bar bent over .38 basswood


After that, I drilled holes and mounted them to the sides of the car.  Even thought a real Union Pacific car should have stainless steel grab bars I painted them Harbor Mist Gray to match the other K-Line passenger cars in my fleet.

Grab bars left and right


Hope this helps!



Images (4)
  • Grab bar 0.0325 K-Line
  • Grab bar 0.0325 paper clip
  • grab bar bent over .38 basswood
  • Grab bars left and right
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