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Reply to "How-To guide on making a “Pacific” series sleeping car (Finished?)"

@T.Albers posted:

Thank you @Hancock52

I agree, those Lionel cars have the best looking ACF domes I have seen in 3 rail.  I don't need all the dome measurements, just a few.  1.  Across the top of the domes flat center roof section. 2. Bottom vertical panel on the domes lower edge.  3.  Width of the curved window beams.

Lionel 9009 measurements 2

Compared to the other projects I have attempted on this forum I feel this is one of my lower risk undertakings.  If I really mess something up while building this new dome structure I can always go back to the original factory K-Line dome.

Apologies especially to @T.Albers for taking so long to reply but I have been out of circulation for a while.

The above three measurements in Metric and Imperial are:

Dome window upright frames: 3 mm or .11 inch wide

Bottom dome frame to inside edge of dome window frame: 6.5 mm or .25 inch

Across dome solid top: 33.5 mm or 1.32 inches

All these were taken with a digital micrometer. I've also measured the length of the dome structure and that comes out as 143.6 mm or 5.65 inches. Length of the car body as a whole (not counting diaphragms) is 20.75 inches or 527.05 mm. The front edge of the dome structure is set back 5.94 inches or 150.9 mm from the front edge of the car.

Hope this assists.

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