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Reply to "How to make an E-8 cab interior"

Hancock52 posted:

Wow, fine work! Having to rebuild the interior walls must have been a pain but obviously worth it in the end.

I've thought about similar projects but all of my E series engines are too small in the cab area to allow any margin for measuring mistakes, which I invariably make. Plus most 3 rail diesels, especially from 3rd Rail, have a lot of lighting wiring stuffed around the cab interior assembly.  If I did try something like this, I'd be strongly tempted to illuminate the gauge faces just for the fun of it. 

Thanks for posting this and the rest of your series.

Thank Hancock, the stock K-Line circuit boards and wiring took up a lot of room in the shell.  Your posting is correct, the front of the K-Line shell was also full of wires plus a MARS light circuit board under cab area when I started. 

XWMG8851 [1)

I should have informed everybody in my original post that I also changed out all the stock K-Line electronics and went to EER.  The newer EER components are much smaller and they left tons of room up front.  With all the wiring and MARS circuit board out of the way and all I had to do was hot glue the finished cab interior into the shell.

I like your idea about illuminating the gauge faces.  But, I'm not good in the field of electronics.  My electronics limit was pushed just doing this EER upgrade.  Even though the EER boards had a full set of instructions I still was stressed I would mess something up of burn out a new board.


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