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Reply to "How to make an E-8 cab interior"

Pingman posted:

Couldn't you find a photo of an actual E-8 City of LA engineer and a fireman to model using the Artista figures?  I ask only because you have represented everything else.

Wonderful photos and text--the "how to" of this and your other projects--is greatly appreciated.

LOL, Thanks Pingman. 

I have to say after posting this topic yesterday I found I missed a major detail from inside the cab.  I forgot to install the white pull cord with black handle for the horn.  I added the warm white LED cab light and got it working but completely forgot to install a pull cord and handle coming down from the ceiling.  It should be easy to make and it will add some movement inside the cab when this EMD locomotive is going around the corners.  While I didn't find any real UP engineers or fireman to pose for my interior I will be taking the cab out of the shell again and installing this missing detail!  

E-8 interior engineer e



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