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Reply to "How to make an E-8 cab interior"

Here's an update to the E8 cab interior project.  I run my K-Line locomotives in the A-B-A configuration.  The engine numbers in my set are 949, 950B and 951  The E8 that got it's cab interior updated last month was the 949.  Now, here's a look on how the 951 turned out.  In this update I’m just going to point out a few of the differences between the two cab interiors.  In the 951 cab you will find I added a few more details this time around and I feel it turned out better. 

I went back over my 942 photos from the museum visit and found I wanted to add more details like door handles and writing on the papers that were on the clip boards.  Here's a photo of the real door handle on the fireman's side of the 942.

 E-8 interior rear wall fireman doora

And my o-gauge reproduction of the door handle and paper work with writing.


I didn't find the happy expression on the young fireman's face until I zoomed in on the photo above.  It must be his first day in the cab as a fireman. 

951 Fireman


On the engineer side of the cab you see the other door handle and paper work on the back wall.


Also, the confidence on the engineer's face makes it look like he still enjoys his job.

951 Engineer


Side view of 951 cab


And a close up view of the controller and dials




The Arttista figures used in this interior upgrade were part numbers 1226 (engineer) and 1522 (fireman).  I will post some finished photos when the cab interior is back inside 951 shell again. 






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