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Reply to "How to make an E-8 cab interior"

I wanted to post some finished photos of the cab when it was back inside the 951's shell again but the overhead LED lights were so bright they were washing out my photos.   

The problem was I glued 2 micro LED's to the ceiling so the light coverage would be good on both sides of the cab.  But the light pattern from the micro LED's were shining on the windshield causing a bright glare on the glass.  Next they were causing bright reflections off the green paint on the engines nose.  It was just too much light for this small area.

before 20 weight paper


So I took the cab out of the shell again today and installed white 20 weight paper on the ceiling underneath the LED lights.  The results look much better.  The bright glare on the front windshield is gone.  The nose of the engine is not reflecting as much light back up at the viewer.  Now the color inside the cab looks more natural and the viewer can see more of the interior details as the engine goes by.

after 20 weight paper 6546


Next, I will post finished exterior photos of the 949's cab after its overhead light get fixed.






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  • before 20 weight paper
  • after 20 weight paper 6546
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