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Reply to "Adventures in TMCC & Legacy... Trying to master the 455Khz track signal. I've built the test car, and it is finally working.."

OK guys, I built the car... Time to figure out why it's not working


Here we have the R2LC with the lead soldered to pin 13. Seems to be a good joint, not touching adjacent pins.


Here we have the donor chassis, a bay window caboose with a light. I folded the original light bracket down flat, and clipped the light to the body mounting bracket.


This is the resistor & capacitor part of the circuit. I didn't have a 51KΩ either, but I had a 47K and a couple 2200's, so 51,400 it is. The resistors are in series with each other and the capacitor is in parallel with them.


I scratched the black finish off a spot on the chassis and soldered on the ground wire.


I cut a block of wood to size, put in the antenna posts, then hot glued the block to the chassis. I also hot glued the two components to the wood block.


I added the ground leg to the resistor cap unit.


There are 3 white wires and one black one tied together here. The ground source soldered to the chassis, the lead from the resistor cap unit, a loose lead which will connect to the R2LC, and the black one is the lead to the meter.


I soldered on a piece of brass wire the correct size to fit the board socket. This black wire comes direct from the pickup rollers.


The white wires are all track ground.


This junction connects the pin 13 lead (black), the resistor cap combo and the other meter lead.


Because the pin diagrams are mirror image, I hope I got this right. I based the placement off the photo of NJ club's unit. The black and white pair are hot and ground. The orange is my antenna, and the odd black wire in the middle is supposed to be the light.


I have the meter set to 200μ DCA.


Any ideas where I went wrong?


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