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Reply to "I've been rejected!!! (Again on 06/27/21)"

@Rich Melvin posted:

I have one laptop PC that runs Windows 10, and it is a royal PITA. I can only imagine how much "better" Windows 11 will be.

My grandson came and asked me if I wanted to try the leaked Windows 11. He seemed genuinely shocked with my response!

I've actually "made my peace" with Windows 10, though for each "Feature Upgrade" they seem to move more and more stuff "out of sight".  It seems that all products are being "dumbed down" to the lowest common denominator.  The problem is, I run across some really LOW common denominators, I sure hope they're not trying to cater to them!

@CNJ Jim posted:

Good! John's been nothing but a troublemaker here since he joined.

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