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I used the plastic green astro turf type outdoor carpet for a FasTrack layout I did.  I really like how it came out.

I personally despise that plastic astroturf stuff. It looks terrible, falls apart, "flakes" come off, etc. I've used a very fine green out/in carpet and my current layout uses grey in/out carpet. I prefer the grey. I think it looks cleaner, a bit brighter, neater etc. 


Sorry SJC, but I personally disagree with you on the green astro turf. I used it on a Halloween layout, and to ME, it looks much better than the grey in your pic. The green makes the yard areas look much more like yards than the grey ever could, I don't want my whole layout looking concreted over.

 I am Glad that you are Happy with your choice, but on my layout, I think the green looks just as clean, Bright and much neater than the grey. I wont say that I " despise" the grey, but for MY layout, I think that the green simply looks better than the grey would have, hands down.



Yes, It IS a Choice, and one that no one else should be able to take away from you.


The Second Amendment protects your right to enjoy all the others

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