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gunrunnerjohn posted:
Charlie posted:

This would be my recommendation:   American Beauty

You did not say what you were doing beside the caboose steps and some people might say go for the more expensive one for future power needs, but I think this should fill most of your toy modeling needs.

Go for more expensive?  Isn't $568 kinda' expensive?  I suspect that 250W is more than sufficient for most stuff you're going to run across, that's for sure!

GRJ, my answer did come out a little confusing.

I posted the link of the unit I choose based on the research from some local guys (as well as Glenn Guerra, former owner of Mullet River Kits) and the 250 watt was the minimum starting point from all who I asked. The smaller one, 100 watt is the less expensive version and that is what I was referring to as "go for the more expensive one for future power needs".

As for the price, no, I do not think 568 was too much. It is less then 100 more then the less powerful and not recommended version.

However, as the original poster asked about a inexpensive resistance soldering kit. I took that to mean not a homemade job. If someone has the time and the parts laying around, I would think you could probably build one a cheaper. I also think it is not worth the time to build one yourself, as this is probably a once in a lifetime purchase and averaged out over 20 years or so and the cost of the unit is worth the price in my opinion, as is any quality tool.


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