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Reply to "Input/advice PLEASE: price for Boxed Prewar American Flyer set"

Was able to get down and see the box and contents tonight! But first, I’d like to share these sentiments in the spirit of thanksgiving:

@Nation Wide Lines (was hoping you would respond- the thread that I believe you and someone else put together on another forum has been a great reference and you’re such a helpful member) and @Robert S. Butler  (Wealth of knowledge and guidance whom I remember as being helpful and supportive when I joined the forum and has helped stoke my fire for European Tinplate)- I know what I just said about you sounds “corny” and a lot of people would think they’re just empty compliments, but please know that I mean them- you’re great contributors to the Tinplate hobby and great guys!

Sorry for not being clear regarding the box- I had assumed that it was pretty standard across the industry to have the company logo and some “artwork” of either one of or a combination of the manufacturer name, a manufacturer’s notable/popular products and/or a kid or kids playing with a train. Such as in the picture below:


The mall was closing up so I had to move fast. The box was hard to get to, and I ran out of storage on my phone  after taking one picture. Regardless, I can now more accurately describe the set.

First, the box. It’s cardboard and just a little lighter in color than the Lionel box above. Here’s the picture of the box I was able to take:


It’s clearly not “off-white” haha. I’m sure Youve seen me mention my history of TBIs and the 2 bad ones I suffered in the past two January’s- somethings tend to blur although the things most affected are usually my cognitive functioning(critical thinking and trying to “put things together- this post has been exhausting) and in turn my short-term memory. I apologize for that, long day and i jumped into making this post to early. Back to the box,Also appears to have been beaten up pretty (all 4 corners of the top of the box are split ).  This side is the only one on which I’m positive that there is a logo, not sure if the opposite side shows this logo or number. Also, the other half of the logo not in my picture is  somewhat faded/scuffed. The other Two sides are plain cardboard. the top looked like regular worn cardboard with a large portion in the center looking as if it had a water stain but it’s possiblt just discoloration due to age. Unless there was supposed to be some picture like the Lionel box there- that doesn’t bother me. Internally, there was a cross-shaped insert splitting it into 4 areas(presumably one for the engine, two for each of the coaches and possibly the 4th for track.

Enough about the box!- what was inside? The picture below, which I was able to find online, are the trains in the set


Black 1201 steeple cab- So it is indeed headed by the head-light-less 1201- Thank you Nation Wide. The engine isn’t assembled but the pieces are in good shape. Whether or not it’s all there will be a major factor. I will say that, at least as it’s pictured above AND the condition of the pieces in the box, I actually think I like it better than my 1270. The lettering/logos(motor 1201, American Flyer Lines) are in great shape and the black paint is immaculate

The rolling stock-  it is as I described it and did indeed “alligator”- a bit. Not all the track was there nor was there a transformer.

There was some tissue paper as well as track, but not enough for a full loop.

when it comes to determining the price i think it can be broken down into 4 areas: condition and value of the coaches, how much of the engine is there(is there a motor? Are the frame, body and shells present?), the box’s condition,  and completeness.

given this info, thoughts? Specifically regarding the box- is this what a prewar Flyer Set box looked like? outside and on the inside?


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