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Reply to "Internet Explorer is 'Officially' Dead"

@Dave45681 posted:

That is probably my biggest complaint in terms of "upgrades" they have done over the years as well. 

It was very Microsoft-like how they non-nonchalantly took away the ability to configure that and just said, "well, they are up at the top now, you will have to get used to it".


Yes, that's why I freeze the software and versions I use whenever I can.  I updated Windows 7 for the first time in five years this January.  With Firefox I got tired of my bank's site telling my browser was out of date after a couple of years.  So I upgraded and found out they broke my favorite theme and the customization I needed.  I switched to Chrome but that is even worse in terms of customization.

I found some instructions to fix tabs and some other things so I upgraded Firefox again and fixed it up.  Then one day it was all gone because of auto-update.  They even may it hard to disable updates but it can be done with an enterprise policies file.

I am happy for now.  I did notice a big improvement in site rendering and speed with the newer versions.  I am currently on version 69.0.3 64bit.  I was running version 22 until last year.

I have attached a summary of the key fixes.  I also tweak additional config settings.  These changes have only been tested on version 69.  This document is only for reference - don't dive in unless yo are fearless - the web has lots of info.

This was the theme I used for many years - no longer usable.  The cat with the ball wagged its tail while sites were loading.



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