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Reply to "Inventory Program for Excel"

Found this from Microsoft.  Microsoft has been gradually removing backward compatibility from Excel since 2007.  However, there may be a path if you can save the file to xls, or even export to a delimited text file.  There may be third part converters available.  I have Works on my XP machine but it is currently in mothballs.

Move from Microsoft Works to Office 2010

Excel 2010 Word 2010 Excel Starter 2010 Word Starter 2010

If you previously used Microsoft Works and you now use Office 2010, you may want to use your Works documents and spreadsheets in Office. First, copy the files to your new computer, and then open them in Office.


  • There are no converter options for recent versions of Office, including Office 2016 and Office 2013.
  • Excel cannot open spreadsheets in the Works 4.x/2000 (*.wks) format. Before copying these Works spreadsheets to your new computer, save them in an Excel format (*.xls or *.xlsx). If your spreadsheet files are from Works 6.0 or later, you don’t need to save them as Excel files. Excel 2010 and Excel Starter 2010 can open files in the Works 6.0-9.0 (*.xlr) format.

Copy Works files to the new computer

  1. Copy the Works files to a device that you can move to the new computer.

The simplest method is to use a USB flash device. Plug the device in to your computer's USB port, and then copy the Works files onto it.

  1. Insert the device into your new computer, and copy the files into a folder, such as Documents.

Open Works files in Office

Works 6.0 or later

If your Works files were saved in Works 6.0 or later, you can open them directly in Office.

  1. In Word, Excel, Word Starter, or Excel Starter, click the File tab, and then click Open.
  2. Go to the folder where the Works files are stored.
  3. In the list of file types (next to the File name box), click All Files (*.*).
  4. Click the Works file that you want to open.

When you save the file, save it in the newer Office format (Excel Workbook (.xlsx) or Word Document (.docx).

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