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Reply to "Inventory Program for Excel"

Over the years my train collection has grown enough that I needed some way of knowing what I have.

I've tried a variety of inventory programs. Unfortunately no one had all the info I needed so I finally created a LibreOffice (free alternative to Office/Excel) spreadsheet.

As others have pointed out, almost impossible to create reports from a spreadsheet so I finally bit the bullet and created a database using Microsoft Access. Unfortunately I've forgotten a lot of what I leaned back in the early 2000s regarding how to make an Access database compact so I don't have many calculated fields. Plus not sure how to populate one field with info based upon some you enter into another field.

Regardless, here's the fields in each record:

Seq # (unique record number; can not be duplicated; this allows me to sort MY way)
Cat No
Unq ID (if I have more than one item with the same Cat # this differentiates each item)
MA (I check this field when I enter the item into the Access datase; I'm slowly moving all my data from my spreadsheet to Access)
Series / Set
Group (my own designation)
Road Name Code
Road Name Description
Road Logo
Reporting Mark
Min Curve
Years Cataloged
Purch Date
Sold by
Purch Price
S & H / Tax
Calc. Total
% MSRP Purch Price
Item Cond
Best Value
% MSRP Best Value
CY Greenberg Value
% MSRP CY Greenburg Value
MITrains Value Date
MITrains Value Price
% MSRP MITrains Value Price
Box Type
Box Cond
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