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I think there is a better chance to avoid obsolescence if you go with Lionel.

Sorry but I vehemently disagree.  JMRI is open source.  That means all of the software and hardware specs are in the public domain.  Individuals are free to copy, manufacture, and continue to improve the hardware and software.

I love the idea behind LCS, and it might be simpler in some ways.  But I'm a little reluctant to get in bed with one manufacturer's new-ish proprietary system.  Some posts I've read lead me to believe that certain modules were only just recently introduced to address issues encountered by early adopters.  Remember the gnashing of teeth when Lionel dropped ERR and the command receivers were discontinued?  I would like to see a little more maturity and longevity before I jump in with both feet.

If portability of the virtual control panel is a concern, there are plenty of tablets (or "convertibles" like the Microsoft Surface) that run Windows.  NOT trying to disrespect LCS.  But i'm taking my time and considering JMRI for the reasons above.

You can vehemently do whatever you choose.  ERR was not Lionel ‘s design. I suspect they bought it to protect their intellectual property and thought they could quietly kill it without an MTH style lawsuit. Just because something is open source doesn’t guarantee anything. Maybe you are a programmer with electronics background. Sure you can keep it going when everyone else moves on. A pure user will be left in a lurch. So, you’re arguments don’t really hold water, except that it’s a cheap way to go if you have the talent to develop the edge systems and features yourself.

BTW, Lionel LCS is super expensive. I’m not endorsing it. I can’t afford it, but it is the only real option to solve Clem’s question. From what we have discussed, JMRI won’t run on an iPad. Sure tell Clem to buy a Surface...

Oh, and since it’s open source can he call you 24x7 for support?


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