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Reply to "Is it hard to install a Full Electric RR system in a Williams E-7"

@lpb007 posted:

John, Which LEDs do you use for marker lights, ditch lights, mars lights?  What do you use for the filtered DC power supply?  TIA Pat B.

I "roll my own" power for stuff like the MARS simulator.  Typically, I'll use this one with a 12V regulator for the MARS board.

For steam, I'm still using the 2mm ceramic LEDs, I grabbed a quantity of them before they went out of production.  I have red, yellow, and green.


I frequently use 2mm post LEDs for diesel markers, they work well. 


You can drill a 2mm hole and stuff them through the shell.  I hot glue them when I get the correct amount of projection on the outside of the shell.  Of course, I pre-wire all if the stuff and make a lighting harness, then I just lay it in and stick the wires down and the LEDs in place.


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