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Reply to "Is S scale still an option?"

@Jacobpaul81 posted:

Are the AF and S-Helper all pretty week scale or is the AF more toy-like high rail.  I have zero knowledge here.

Here is a comparison of a Postwar Flyer boxcar with an SHS double sheathed boxcar:

crop AF v SHS

It takes a little work to convert a Flyer car to scale, but it does add a little variety.  Here's some conversions I did way back in the 80's when I entered S.  I'll admit nowadays I probably wouldn't bother converting Traditional Postwar-Style Flyer to scale:

rKGB 020710 01rKGB 020710 02rKGB 020710 03rKGB 020710 04rKGB 020710 05

Are they perfect?  No, but once the 5 foot rule is activated, they fit in just fine.



Images (6)
  • crop AF v SHS
  • rKGB 020710 01
  • rKGB 020710 02
  • rKGB 020710 03
  • rKGB 020710 04
  • rKGB 020710 05
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