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Reply to "Is S scale still an option?"

@Bob Bubeck posted:

Please forgive me, but I continue to read this thread with some bemusement and amusement. Those of us who collect, repair, operate and enjoy Gilbert Flyer just roll right along. There is something to be said for being in the hobby just for the fun of it. There are large quantities of vintage Gilbert and Lionel production 'out there' at very affordable prices as well as the new Legacy AF, AM, and SHS-derived trains which are Gilbert-compatible. Gilbert (and the earlier Lionel production) AF trains have a rich history, undeniable charm, and the big plus of having been made in the good ol' USA. And, there is nothing about the AF universe that prevents one from building beautiful realistic scenery, usually with modern hi-rail track. On the other hand, one can build a strictly authentic Gilbert-themed layout by indulging in historically correct vintage 'rivet counting' of another kind.

Portlines Hobbies is backed up in faithfully fulfilling orders for Flyer parts, so there must be a lot of folks still repairing and operating Flyer. My current Flyer project is bringing back a friend's boyhood 322 to service.

So, heck, yes. S is definitely an option. It depends in which church pew one sits.



Well said Bob!

Time to put this topic to bed.


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