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Reply to "Is S scale still an option?"

@Jacobpaul81 posted:

Pretty much.  The thread title should have been is "s scale" still an option.

If ya want Flyer, yer golden. Not my thing - at all.  And if it were, O-27 is readily available.

Well, "S scale" is/was very much understood as the root of the question. However, the desires voiced here (and everyone is entitled to their desires) are often very specific and narrowly focused. The historic route for modelers so inclined is to become modeling craftspersons and build to their specific needs motive power, rolling stock, and structures. I know a number of 2-rail O scalers who model every required piece to very accurately represent a defined railroad of an historic time and place. If a manufacturer makes something that 'fits', maybe with a bit of modification, fine. But, they do not have an expectation that a manufacturer will cater to their desires upfront.

A difficulty with this thread is that someone 'dropping in' might get the impression that S gauge is hopeless. Well, it is not for the majority who may be more flexible in their desires. OK?



PS: There is a big difference between Gilbert Flyer, its descendants (e.g., AM) and (gasp!) O-27. Gilbert made that point in the catalogs from the get go.

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