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Reply to "Is S scale still an option?"

@Bob Bubeck posted:

A difficulty with this thread is that someone 'dropping in' might get the impression that S gauge is hopeless. Well, it is not for the majority who may be more flexible in their desires. OK?



PS: There is a big difference between Gilbert Flyer, its descendants (e.g., AM) and (gasp!) O-27. Gilbert made that point in the catalogs from the get go.

The fact that we can openly discuss S, warts and all, indicates to me that S isn't hopeless.

Difficult yes, but not hopeless.

Complaints about S are just as valid as the reasons to be in S.

It's much better than elsewhere that when such subjects are brought up, the response is usually "S is the builders scale, you always can build it," or "XYZ Company made that 20 years ago, we don't need another one."  Both are unhelpful dead-ender responses IMHO.


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