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Reply to "Is S scale still an option?"

@Jacobpaul81 posted:

I was finally able to snag a Scale DC 2900 class 4-8-4 "Heavy Mountain".  I'm expecting it to show up in the mail today.  I note that these (Rusty's) are numbered 2922 and 2920 - but mine is 2923. The image on AM's website is 2922.  Is this 2923 an older run?


I'd been teetering back and forth on O - S for a while. It's been difficult to find one of these for a price I could bare - but one finally came through.

If your model has white lettering and an incandescent bulb, it's from the first run of Northerns.  The later run had grayish lettering to simulate the imitation aluminum lettering Santa Fe used.  Also the headlight is an LED on the later run.  Below is are images of a second run Northern.

As I recall, AM did two numbers in each run of the Santa Fe Northerns.  The LED looks orange when off, but when lit it's very white.

@PRR1950 posted:

Yes, and a 4-8-4 is known as a "Northern."

In Santa Fe parlance, they were initially referred to as "Heavy Mountains."  Later they simply used their "class" (first in the series) numbers on all their steam locomotives: i.e. 3751 class, 2900 class, etc.

The UP referred to Northerns as 800's.  N&W, J's.

Plus, that which we call a Northern was also known as: Big Apple(CofG,) Dixie(NC&StL,) Empire Builder(GN,) General(RF&P,) Greenbrier(C&O,) Golden State(SP; later General Service,) Governor(RF&P again,) Niagara(NYC,) Niagra(NdeM,) Pocono(DL&W,) Potomac(WM,) Wyoming(LV.)



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