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Reply to "Is there an automatic trolly"

Thanks for all your suggestions. Here’s a better description of what I’m up to. On the layout I’m building - my first since I wad a kid 70 years ago - I’m running two mailines on O gauge tubular track.  I plan on adding the trolley on O27 because I need the sharper curves. The trolley runs from an urban center to a ski resort and mountain hamlet. A ZW provides conventional power to my post war equipment. 
The trolley is not prototypical - just a Little bump and go thing I got for under the Xmas tree, but a quaint addition to the mountain village.     
I do have the following which may help:

1.  One Lionel 153 IR

2.  Two dual infrared detectors model IRS-2 by Rail Tronics.

I’ve never used these. I picked them up a few years ago on ebay thinking I might someday use them. 
My basic goal is a point to point run with a pause for loading unloading at each end. 

will these tools work. If so how?

thank you James and all. 

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