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Reply to "Is there an automatic trolly"

Stan2004, after a long interruption to fish the basement and add a bathroom, I’m finally back to work on my layout.
I will time the stop and start as you suggested

I have purchased a second  Lionel 153 IR and am attaching pictures of the IRS-2 which at the moment appears to be an IRS 1!  (Note the damage in the picture. I am contacting the manufacturer to ask if it is useful as is. ). I’ve misplaced the instructions but am sure I have them.

so, I’m interested in pursuing my goal using the material at hand. If I could add an intermediate stop using another 153R that would be great.  The Lionel fast track device looks interesting and I would be willing to abandon my O27 track for regular tubular if necessary. (I already have the connecting track for Lionel and tubular). Anyway, I’ll be back to you by Friday with the other info you requested.


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