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Reply to "Is there an automatic trolly"

OK, stan2004, (and others) the holiday is about over and I’ll soon be back to work on my layout. Here is the information you requested:

1.  The trolley is a MTH (Rail King 30-5142) bump and go

2. the unit will be powered by a Lionel 1032 (75 watts) transformer. During testing I discovered that A-U combination seemed too have so much power that it was difficult to adjust the speed at desired low speed. I switched to B-U and found the speed adjustment to work more easily. I completed the remaining tests using those posts. (Questions about the transformer at the end).

3.  How quickly does it stop. At what I believe to be the appropriate scale speed, it stops almost immediately when power is removed (1/4”).  I tried at various speeds. At high speed one inch, but i wouldn’t want to run it at such high speed.

4.  When at a complete stop it takes only 1/2” to establish enough speed to reverse directions when it bumps the obstacle

5.  I have two 153IR Controllers both purchased on eBay. I noticed in another thread that there are different generations of 153IRs.  One of mine came with instructions and service info dated 2001.  The other had none  

6. There will be a station at each end. One is a small Menards with its own LED plug in power; the other aRail King with two small light bulbs (accessory power)

7. So how do we get the trolley to ignore the 153IR when it reverses directions

Other questions (A & B most important

A. Would it be possible to add a third 153IR  and have a middle stop with no change of direction

B. I’m using a ZW to power my two mainlines and most if not all accessories.  I know that the two transformers must be in phase. Do I run a line between the two transformers or just attach them both to the common buss line. I know that is the U post on the ZW, but I’m confused about the 1032. I’ve read on the forum that with the A-U combination the U post is the center rail and A what I call the ground (outside rail). On the B-U combination which seemed to work best I think I was using U as the center rail.  Is that correct?

C. Will there still be fixed auxiliary power available on the 1032. My understanding is that A-B is a fixed 5, and B-C fixed 11. So if I’m using B for variable power how is it possible to also use it as fixed. Avoid the common ground somehow?  And a related question what might I want to use it for.

I found the instructions for the IRS2  I don’t think it’s of any use in its current condition but I plan to call them

By the way, I am willing to try my luck at soldering, but not with anything requiring fine detail. I have a serious tremor in my hands.

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