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Reply to "Is there an automatic trolly"


[“But if you want to "isolate" your trolley system and use JUST the 1032 to power all-things-trolley, then simply power the automatic trolley system using B-C terminals and the trolley track voltage with B-U (adjusted to a suitable speed).  In this context, it doesn't matter if it's B-C or C-B in terms of orientation of the wiring.  Likewise, it doesn't matter if it's B-U or U-B in terms of orientation of the wiring.“]

I happen to have 3 colors of 16 gauge wire left (two “boat cable” & one “primary wire.”). One each for the B, C, and U posts  

Am I correct in that B & U provide variable power to the trolley; and B & C fixed voltage to the 153ir?  Which post is connected to the center rail, B or U?  If B, then is the C the “common rail” for the 153ir.  It seems more logical to me that since B is used twice, it should be outside rail on track and common on the timer module and 153ir  

Can I also power the single light in the trolley station with B & C  

(I’ve discovered that I can purchase a new 153ir from a local train store for less than $5 more than the going rate on eBay)

Thanks for your help.

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