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@Don Baird posted:


Am I correct in that B & U provide variable power to the trolley; and B & C fixed voltage to the 153ir?  Which post is connected to the center rail, B or U?  If B, then is the C the “common rail” for the 153ir.  It seems more logical to me that since B is used twice, it should be outside rail on track and common on the timer module and 153ir  

Can I also power the single light in the trolley station with B & C  

baird trolley stop 1-23-2022

If using the 1032 for all things trolley, above revised diagram might help.

Note that the 153IR operates on DC voltage supplied by the AC-to-DC converter.  No connector/terminal on any 153IR or the DC timer module is ever in "contact" with a connector/terminal from the 1032.

And it's fine to use your 16 for the track power and the 22 for accessory wiring including all the DC connections between the voltage converter, 153IR and timer module.


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  • baird trolley stop 1-23-2022

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