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Reply to "Is there an automatic trolly"

I'm fine with the proxy.

I'm headed down to do and redo the various tests you instructed me to do in "twlight zone"  In the meantime it occurred to me that possibly I could use unit two (the broken one) with track power and without either module - basically an independent unit with a max of five second delay.  This could work on the middle stop since the trolley is not reversing  there.  However, the trolley will be travelling at  a prototypically slow speed on voltage way below the range they suggest for the 153IR.  And ideally I'd like a longer stop there than the five seconds provide3de by the 153IR  since that is the destination to which most passengers from either end will be going. 

The 1032 has fixed voltage possibilities of 5 & 11 AC if either would be enough for the independent 153IR.

However, I really hope we can stay one the path we have begun.  (I've learned so  much!)

I Have the instruction book from 2001 and found the 2002 version on line.   Both begin by saying "your 1532IR will operate best at 12-20 volts (AC)."

However, the 2002 booklet has a section on "advanced wiring", which references DC power (attached).

I have grand kids here for an Easter egg hunt, but will soon head down to repeat those tests


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