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Reply to "Is there an automatic trolly"

1.  The two power terminals on units 2 & 3 are labeled A - U, not U-A

2.  Continuity

    On all three units there is continuity between accessory power and NC

     Unit 1  (as previously reported)  2001

  • Left to Com 2  Yes
  • Left to Com 1  No
  • L to NO          No
  • L to NC          yes
  • R to Com 2         No
  • R to Com 1         Yes
  • R to NO          No
  • R to NC          No

   Unit 2    2002

  • A to ACC power - Yes
  • A to Acc groud  - No
  • A to NO          No
  • A to NC          Yes
  • U to Acc Power   No
  • U to Acc ground  Yes
  • U to NO          No
  • U to NC          No

   Unit 3    2002

  • A to ACC power - no continuity
  • A to Acc groud  Continuity - YES
  • A to NO          No
  • A to NC          No
  • U to Acc Power  Yes
  • U to Acc ground  No
  • U to NO          No
  • U to NC          Yes
  • most importantly, in contrast to my earlier report, there is no continuity between NO & NC

3.  Clicking test

Unit 1 - as previously reported

Unit 2  Work-around the damaged U terminal

     Using ACC ground as a proxy for U,  it does click !

  • DC+ to A      with  DC- to ACC ground           Yes
  • DC- to A       with D+ to ACC ground          No

You've described this project as insanity, a big fish, the twi-light zone, the peeling an onion skin, and one other delightful metaphor I don't remember.  Thanks for your help.  I'm enjoying this tutorial.  I hope we have some clear sailing now.       

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