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@Don Baird posted:

However, I would like to confirm that I can use the traditional isolated (or insulated?) track for one of the traditional Lionel structures (one is to be located in a suburban area where the on off would be more obvious..

Yes.  If you are able/willing to "cut" the track to create insulated outer-rail sections...or use "prepared" track sections that have the insulated outer-rail...then you can use the Accessory AC voltage to power the accessories.  I'm sure the terminology-police are not happy but when used in the context of O-gauge trains, the terms insulated and isolated are used interchangeably.

melrose station

And just to be clear, your present situation is something like the above.  You have a wall-wart adapter (like on the left) and you have an illuminated Menard's structure powered by said adapter (like on the right).


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