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Reply to "ISO Very Tall Industrial Smokestacks"

@Tom Tee posted:

George, consider, a chimney is more than just a straight cylinder.  There is usually a taper commensurate to height, a foundation of sorts and in early 1900's some fancy brick work.  Plus they emit smoke.

Well, I got this from Harry Hieki that is all the above and quite reasonable.  856 625 5506

IMG_0257The track is on an incline, the pictures are straightIMG_0258

It is 20" tall which IMO is a realistic height and will not over power the layout.

IMG_0259It has a smoke unit which fires up nicely


I appreciate your post, but I am replicating this situation (below).  This is the Weirton Steel Open Hearth.  It had 14 ovens and all stacks were metal and straight (as far as I can tell).

Open Hearth - smokeweirton

I am aware of Hieke's work and it is gorgeous.  However, it's not what I'm looking for.  And the last time I saw one of his stacks at York it was $400.  Ouch.  I think it was very heavily weathered.

Anyway, I appreciate your effort.



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  • Open Hearth - smoke
  • weirton
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