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Reply to "it's SHARK week..."

The Discovery Channel's 2020 edition of Shark Week did start yesterday, so this topic is topical.

I missed this topic last year.  My layout is a mess, so here are some of my file pictures of my Sharks.

Lionel's scale PRR BF15 AA (Baldwin DR 4-4-14/Freight Shark).


Weaver's scale PRR BP20 AB (Baldwin DR 6-4-20/Passenger Shark)

DSC_0009 [2)DSC_0014 [2)PRR BP20 AB 001a

Comparing the Lionel with the Weaver

DSC_0010a [4)DSC01190DSC01191


Images (9)
  • DSC_0026
  • DSC_0029
  • DSC_0034
  • DSC_0009 (2)
  • DSC_0014 (2)
  • PRR BP20 AB 001a
  • DSC_0010a (4)
  • DSC01190
  • DSC01191
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