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Reply to "it's SHARK week..."

@Apples55 posted:


In the spirit of comradery  and fraternity that is a hallmark of this fine forum, if you send the sharks to me up to the Poconos, I will gladly unbox them and stretch their legs... you did say D&H, didn’t you???   

As always, you are too generous Paul. Unfortunately, due to the travel restrictions in NYS, I would have to self-quarantine in your basement for two weeks and run them myself. You would have to properly social distance and stay out.

@gunrunnerjohn- I don't have enough shelf space to display them or they would have been out a long time ago.

Since you all shamed me...I did pull one box out last night. Photo for proof....

2020-08-12 22.31.20

As a footnote- I am currently trolling the waters for another pair....stay tuned. 



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  • 2020-08-12 22.31.20
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