Items for sale at upcoming York Show- Show pick-up available for advance sale * Updated 3/19- items added *

I'll be attending the upcoming York Show again and have my tables (F-18 & F-19) in White Hall.  I'll have the following items for sale at the show, but for anyone interested, perhaps we can do a deal here and arrange payment and pick up at the show.

RailKing (#30-2287-1) Amtrak F59PH #3000 (Info:  Hours= 44:51, Miles= 1066.4) in Exc-LN condition.  Great sounding and running engine with DCS/Proto-2.  Asking $150.


RailKing (#30-4059-1E) Amtrak F59PH #450 from set (Info:  Hours= 36:15, Miles= 792.0) in LN condition.  Great sounding and running engine with DCS/Proto-2.  Asking $150.- Has no box (from set).


RailKing (#30-1245-1) Pennsylvania 2-8-0 w/DCS-Proto2.  Nice steamer with die-cast engine and tender, in overall EXC-LN condition.  DCS info on engine:  Hours= 46.22, Miles= 559.9.  Asking $135.


RailKing CNJ Blue Comet set:  Includes #30-1172-1 Pacific 4-6-2 engine w/DCS-Proto2 (info= 101.48 hours, 2848.2 miles) and 7-car 60' Madison-style cars (#30-6901 4-car set, #30-6902 2-car add-on and #30-6903 add-on coach).  This has been a mainstay on my layout for years.  It's a great running and sounding set.  Engine needs some maintenance, needing a highlight replaced and traction tires replaced too.  Overall, all cars and engine are in EXC. condition.  Asking $325. for the engine and 7-car consist set (only showing engine and two of the cars in the photo below).


Premier Dealer Appreciation Set #20-80004A Baltimore & Ohio F-3 set.  Offering either the Premier F-3 A-B-A consist separately (Asking $OLD) and the 5-car set separately (Asking $OLD) or all train items for $OLD  Engines feature DCS/Proto2 (info= 33:32 hours, 798.9 miles) and has been a favorite of mine to run.  Overall in EXC-LN condition.  The set cars are a mix of RailKing and Premier sized cars.  Only the caboose has been run in conjunction with running the F-3's.  The other cars are all new, never run.


True Shelf Queen:  Union Pacific Veranda Turbine engine (#20-2185-1) w/Proto-1.  Engine in LN condition, but has lost the mating coupler to damage and zinc rot.  Engine electronics are good (candidate for cannibalizing boards & smoke units) , but engine cannot be run due to coupler issue.  Looks great on a shelf.  Asking $OLD.


RailKing (#30-2202-1) Rock Island RS-3.  Run often, runs and sounds great.  Missing outer carton.  Asking $125.

RS3 and FM

Premier Virginian FM Trainmaster (#20-2232-1) w/DCS-Proto2 (Info= 67:51 hours, 1587.9 miles).  Overall EXC-LN condition and has been heavily run through the years.  Runs and sounds great.  Asking $OLD.

RailKing Amtrak Genesis engine from early Proto-1 set.  In EXC-LN condition, good battery and runs/sounds great.  No box available.  Asking $75.

Amtrak RK Genesis

MTH Dealer Display Clear Shell GP-9 engine and (4) Protosound Cars.  Engine is New, displayed only.  Yellow Protosound Boxcars are new, displayed only.  Purple Protosound Stock cars have one car in LN condition and the second car is in VG-Exc condition with paint rub marks on one side.  Very rare and desirable early MTH items.  Asking $750. for engine and four cars.


Thanks for looking and considering my offers. 

Happy to answer questions, just email me at:  OGColl at AOL dot com.


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