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K-Line RPO Interior Upgrade

I was inspired by other forum member's interior upgrades and was wanted to try and build a better interior for one of my cars.  I started with a K-Line K4690-15902 RPO car.  In 1999 K-Line made a 15” compressed version of this 85' Union Pacific car.   In the first photo you can see the aluminum shell next to next to the K-Line original plastic interior and a copy of the September 1949 A.C.F. plans for this RPO.

5902 side [2)

I started by removing the plastic K-Line interior, then installed a thin sheet of 1/32" basswood on top of the metal frame.  Next, I installed floor planks horizontally and stained the planks a light brown.  The interior dividing walls went up next.

5902 side2

Below is A.C.F's photo of the new #5901 RPO car as delivered to Union Pacific.

5901 new inside

Now, here's a looks at the new wood floors and walls next to the original plastic K-Line interior.


The RPO workers and details were fun to add, but most will not be seen by the viewer as the train speeds by.


I hope this post helps others who want to upgrade your passenger car interiors.   I'll attach a copy of the A.C.F. plans as an attachment.

*** Edit***

To look at the other interior builds in this series click on the links below. They are listed in the order I run them on my layout:


Images (9)
  • 5902 side (2)
  • 5902 floor and walls started: The floor is base wood with stained strips on top
  • 5901 new inside: UP photo of new 5901 RPO car
  • Before and after shot: A lot of detail cannot be seen with the shell on
  • Center RPO section: Center RPO section
  • ROP door open: ROP door open
  • Loading from RPO storage: Loading from RPO storage
  • RPO storage area: RPO storage area
  • 5902 side (2)
Files (1)
Here are the .pdf plans to make your own Union Pacific RPO interior
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